Monday, March 28, 2011

Well, oops.

Ok, so I didn't go the gym today. I ate ok but not spectacularly. My excuse is that I had a meeting with my friend Robin about a music video we're trying to make, and then he was like "hey, want to watch Mildred Pierce (HBO's new miniseries)?" And obviously I did, so we did, and then it was 8:30 and while I usually DO go to the gym late-ish at night, I was also too hungry to go without getting a headache. All of which is a long-winded way to say: today I sucked, but I will go tomorrow.

Set on Sunday provided not the WORST food in the world- there were at least veggies to go with the typical Mysteriously-Ethnic-Food-Flavored Meat. And with very little craft service to speak of, I think I came out ok in the end. Yes, I did have a baked potato when I got home, but now I don't have any potatoes left, so that's the end of that, for awhile at least.

Which sucks, though. There's nothing I love more than a baked potato with lots of cheese and butter... unless it's my mom's scalloped potatoes, which have lots of cheese and butter baked INTO them. Oh man, we had the best scalloped potatoes at the Bellagio buffet in Las Vegas. Not as good as my mom's, of course, but amazing just the same. I let myself have two servings because there were no desserts I could eat and I paid $40 for the damn buffet.

There were also good scalloped potatoes in Scottsdale at Don and Charlie's, the famed baseball memorabilia steakhouse. There should be a law that vacation food doesn't actually add to your body fat content.

So, here's to a better tomorrow, in which I will go to the gym AND finish my taxes! I would finish them tonight, but my mom went to bed and I need her to explain things like what the hell all of it means. Stupid freelancing.

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  1. I love that 60% of the paragraphs mention potatoes. You are wonderful. I truly believe one cannot cut potatoes out completely or one might spontaneously combust after a mere couple of hours. Just be smart with your potato choice. No more than once a week, no fried, etc. You can do iiiiiiit!