Friday, April 03, 2009

just because Kara likes them so much

Another post about how I was a dork as a kid! Let us call me "The Once and Future Geek."

Here I am, reading an encyclopedia first thing after waking up:


Thursday, April 02, 2009

let's talk about how impossibly cool i was as a child

I used to be really into bottle caps- so much so that my Dad still saves them for me when he gets new or interesting ones. I would crawl around in the dirt under the bleachers at my brother's baseball games, looking for bottle caps, or pick them up out of the gutter, or pluck them from the recycling bin. But I had forgotten that I used to wear them as buttons, that my Mom devised a method to make them jewelry with a disc of cardboard in the back. Forgotten, that is, until today:

Taylor, Jarrod, me and Spense before (or after) the Golden Revue

I think I deserve some sort of dork prize- I'm surprised my parents didn't worry about me more.