Saturday, May 19, 2018

“You’re alarming in the breast area”

I just got really thoroughly felt up by a TSA agent because apparently the machine told them my breast area was suspicious. Thanks, underwire bra! 

Currently doing that thing you do before a long flight where you stand up for ages for no other reason than soon you will be sitting down for ages. There must be 350 people waiting in the boarding area with me. I should be using this time to figure out how to get to our Airbnb from the airport. I know nothing about Paris. Nothing! #adventure 

Thursday, May 17, 2018

We'll see if this takes

I am off to traveling again on Saturday, and wish to share things with people that I love. Blogs, as mid-'00's as they are, remain the best way to do this without shoving it all down someone's throat. So... I suppose for a little while at least I will be back to blogging.

I'm leaving on Saturday and flying into Paris, where I have never been, and where I will only be for about 2 days before jumping over to Greece. In Paris I am meeting Kate and Stuart, my lovely Bristol-based friends (Kate lived in the dorm with me and then at 1705 Ridge, in the good old days), for two nights of who knows what. We are doing the Louvre, I know that, where I want to see the Winged Victory and you know, other famous stuff, but where I have no delusions of being able to see everything. Then in Greece I will ferry on over to the island of Tinos, where my cousin David and his wife Jessica, along with their intrepid 13 year old Willa Marie, are staying while on the Greek leg of their Jubilee. They have been traveling since December, with a few stops back in Chicago, and they were courteous enough to put out an open invite to family to come visit them while they are in Greece. Obviously I jumped at that opportunity. I've wanted to go to Greece for pretty much my whole life. After Tinos I will be in Athens for a few days and then home. Whirlwind, yes, but so looking forward to it.

If it pleases you, you may read the (often ridiculous) old posts on this blog, last visited in 2012 when I lived in my Hobbit Hole on Ortega Street and many things were different. Don't judge too harshly.