Tuesday, December 08, 2009

no that is not a name

Pretentiously Stupid Names Given To Hapless Children Who Currently Attend Pacific Primary: A Partial List


I get the feeling that all you have to do to get in to Pac Prim during the exclusive admissions process is name your kids after inanimate objects, or make up a name entirely. Bonus points if you can make your made-up name sound like another word ("Wynant" sounds alternately like "whinin'" or "why not"), or if you can spell a normal name in a completely unpredictable way such as "Ghaiyne" pronounced "Jane" (ok, I made that one up, but it's not far off).

Admission 1: I actually think "Sterling" is almost cute, but more for a boy than a girl, right? Poor kid.

Admission 2: Yes, I used to (USED TO!) watch America's Next Top Model, which is why I know that "Brown" was a name forced upon a poor desperate skinny girl by Tyra Banks many seasons ago, simply because the girl had the same name as someone else, so I am already sort of set against the name- except oh wait, it's NOT A NAME. But this aside- WHAT IF THE KID YOU NAMED "BROWN" HAD TURNED OUT TO HAVE BLOND OR RED HAIR?

It all reminds me of this.