Saturday, August 29, 2009

because i like pictures

It's Saturday night and I have been video taping horse shows in the 100 degree Burbank heat all day (not the sort of thing I thought I would be doing with my MFA), and I've been scanning all these old pictures for Rachel and Alexis and they got me thinking about pictures. I haven't posted any from the summer, so here are some of my favorites:


the faculty (minus Caleb, who urgently had to go to the gym): Jim, Dusty, Adam, Kevin, Glen, Kevin, Melissa, Joe, Marci and me. I LOVE THESE PEOPLE.

me, Joe, Adam and Glen

faculty dancing... don't let the kids see! (oh wait, there's a kid in there too)

Glen, Marci and me

Dusty, Anthony (one of my advisees) and Joe

4 good kids and Joe: Simon, Jacob, Sam, and Claudia

Ben Ratner (far right) shooting his movie on the Lakefill, with Chicago in the background

Emily (on ground) shooting her project in Tech with an audience of kids from the Center for Talent Development

Kevin at the White Sox game

Adam and Kevin

Brokeback Mountain starring Jim and Kevin!

Melissa, Glen and Adam, bored while chaperoning the "mixer"


Pat, me, M-Dep, Tim, Jack, and Kat at a White Sox game

Nat's henna tattoo

Alec and Natalie on a spinny ride

Kane County Fair and midwestern clouds

Jennifer and Avelyn visit

Jamie and Avelyn play

Jessica and Willa Marie, 4th of July on the Lakefill

Jack and Kat at Jack's last public observing session with the Dearborn telescope

Jack is a nerd

Sadly, I have no pictures of Tim, Pat and my drunken viewing of Mamma Mia!, but trust me, the memories are priceless.

Soon I will put up some pictures from Camp and oh hey, maybe tell you something about it. I am deplorably behind in this respect, and I'm sure you're all on pins and needles waiting to hear whether Dad and I won the Trivial Pursuit tournament.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

random things on wednesday

a) I'm trying to grow my nails out, and in the process of doing this I have become utterly fascinated with them. I've never tried to grow them out before! I've never wanted actual nails! My nails are weird and squarish, just like my hands, so I always figured they looked better short. But anyway, I'm trying not to bite them, and it makes me feel like Sister Bear in The Berenstein Bears and the Bad Habit, where they put tape on her nails to get her to stop biting them. Except with me it's nail polish- mustn't consume toxic chemicals and all.

b) Do you think they will ever add a president to Mt. Rushmore?

c) A list of famous people who have died this summer, so far:
Michael Jackson, Farah Fawcett, Karl Malden, Billy Mays, Robert McNamara, Ed McMahon, Steve McNair, Frank McCourt, Walter Cronkite, Arturo Gatti, David Carradine, Eunice Kennedy Shriver, John Hughes, Ted Kennedy, and Dominick Dunne. Geez!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

please don't kill me with your eyes

Now that I am back in LA, every day on my way to the gym I drive past this poster at the Pantages Theater, and I want to find some mace to spray in those giant, terrifying eyes:

I don't understand who thought this was an attractive picture, one that would make people want to see this godforsaken musical adaptation! She sort of reminds me of Rachel McAdams in Mean Girls plus Linda Blair in The Exorcist.

Oh, how I miss the days when the poster to drive past was the fairly benign and actually rather graphically clever Wicked poster.