Saturday, June 20, 2009

grammar police

Leading sentence in an article on BBC news, headline "Greece to Unveil Acropolis Museum": "The long awaited Acropolis Museum in Athens is to be unveiled later."


COMPLETE THY SENTENCE, BBC. Or, if it's so dull as to not really be pressing and just plain old happening "later," why write the article in the first place?

Also, recently I heard someone say something was "copywritten in 2004." NO IT WASN'T THERE IS NO SUCH VERB AS "TO COPYWRITE." Furthermore, this makes me think of that stupid short film Copywrite which many friends of mine worked on before I got to Northwestern, and which is secretly not very good, but they all think it is the absolute nectar of the cinematic gods, and if I ever have to hear another story about how much fun it was to make, I will kill someone.

I seem to have switched rants mid-post there, huh? See, bad grammar brings about only bad things.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

It's going to be weird

So this summer, as many of you know, I am going to be in Chicago. No- I am going to be in Evanston, teaching cherubs, otherwise known as a bunch of 17 year olds endeavoring to make a movie. I am going to be on campus, spending most of my time in Louis (the NU film building), eating at Willard, and living in one of the Mid-Quads- not sure which one. It's going to be very strange. Thank goodness for many things:

a) Kevin will be there, so it will be just like sophomore year when Kevin lived across the street from me in Hinman and we ate in the same dining room.

b) I'm NOT living in CRC- that would just be too sad. To be in that dorm without my 3 Green friends or 1 Brown friends or the vaguest possibility of Suite Bonding? No fun. Tears.

c) I still have some of the extra-long twin bed sheets I had for the dorm.

d) Jack and Kat will still be around through September (duh, when they get married), so I won't have to face Chicago Sans Jack until two visits from now.

Other than that I don't have much of an idea of what the summer will bring. The structure of the program is slooooooooowly coming into focus, despite Jim (who runs the whole thing along with Kevin Welch) claiming that they were "vague on purpose" in their descriptions of the damn thing. I love it when people are vague on purpose. It really helps with communication. Snark.

Also, can we talk about how many times I will have been to Chicago by the end of this year? Or how much total time I will have spent there? Almost two entire months, depending on how long I'm in town for le wedding in September. I will have flown back and forth almost as many times as a typical year in college. Bizarre but good.