Friday, September 11, 2009

in anticipation

Purchased: one tube of Maybelline Wet N' Wild waterproof mascara.

I am most definitely going to cry tomorrow. Absolutely no question about it. Not only is it Rachel and Alexis getting married- Rachel and Alexis, whom I've known for 12 years now, who I've had sleepovers with and whispered with and ridden the bus with and done homework with- but Al Adams is performing the ceremony, better known as Dr. Adams, who was our high school headmaster. And Al (I call him Al because Taylor was friends with his son and I grew up calling him Al) always makes me cry. He has a way with words, and is just about the nicest headmaster you could ask for. I cried at the last assembly for Taylor's high school class. I cried when his Jug Band played at the last assembly for his son Willie's high school class. I cried when the teachers formed an ensemble and played "Ripple" for our class (come to think of it, that song STILL makes me cry, all because of that one performance). I will cry. It is so likely that it may as well have already happened.

Thus, the waterproof mascara.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

and on it goes...

Wedding Announcement Of The Week (because it certainly seems to be a weekly thing nowadays): Kevin Cannon and Lauren Trinker, which I have been suspecting to happen for quite some time and am very happy about. The great thing about Kevin, from the perspective of a girl who has mostly boys for friends, is that he doesn't treat other girls any differently when he has a girlfriend/fiancée. Most guys find a girlfriend and then suddenly feel like they aren't allowed to be friends with other girls anymore (and indeed, most girlfriends feel/force them to act this way). Doesn't seem to be true of any of my guy friends getting married currently, for the most part, but it is a general trait I have noticed. I'm pretty sure things with Kevin will stay about the same, though, for the time being at least. We'll still randomely go get coffee at Psychobabble and go to movies and sit around watching trailers on his Apple TV. When we're in Evanston we'll still go for walks late at night on the Lakefill. He isn't swayed easily, Kevin Cannon.

Now I just have to hope that his wedding, "sometime next fall," doesn't coincide with either Deirdre's or Kate's, or anyone else's I may not know of yet.