Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I love the fact that wild donkeys exist in the world, and that they are so close.

wild donkey herd!

wild donkeys!

I just wish I'd had my longer zoom lens with me, cause they wouldn't let me get very close.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

People I Have Unwittingly Seen Naked In The Last Two Weeks: A List

Alan Cox
Susan May Pratt
Josh McVaney
JP Riley
Liz Lytle
Katie Hall
Courtney Abbott

Plus some guy who claims he was in Braveheart and is on Grey's Anatomy and Nip/Tuck, but who I cannot find on imdb. Oh, and all the naked people who live at the resort, of course. One of them gave me a copy of The New Yorker with Obama on the front because he saw me wearing an Obama t-shirt. The nudists are so nice!

Also, while driving back to the condo the other night, I saw one of the herds of wild donkeys that lives in the area! They were so cute![Insert nudist resort/donkey joke here.]