Thursday, May 17, 2012

Suddenly and without warning

I have returned to blogging! Largely because I am indignant about this week of a) my birthday; b) the corresponding Giants game and alcohol fest; and c) my brother's wedding, which is taking place RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE of the first time I have actually managed to lose some frickin' weight in the last few years. There was awhile back in 2010 that I was doing pretty well losing weight. Then all went to hell, and now I have had to lose that same weight again. I'm doing ok. Tiffany and I are going to Weight Watchers and I have started bringing lunch to preschool, which helps because they feed the preschoolers Full Fat Everything (such as real butter, etc, not like junk food).
Or perhaps I'm just indignant that my brother's wedding, which will be very small but will still feature photographs galore, decided to sneak up on me when I have only lost about half the weight I wanted to lose before said photographs.
Or perhaps I am annoyed that I gained all this weight to begin with, and that I will probably gain it all back when I go eat in the frickin' dorm all summer. While I would like to say that it's easy to eat only over-cooked veggies and not go out to get beer with friends every night, it is not. I don't have that kind of willpower. Friends say "let us go to a movie and eat an entire bag of Peanut Butter M&M's amongst the three of us!" and I say "Hell yes!" rather than "Oh, no thank you, I'll just bring along my Vitamin Water."
But anyway yes, my brother is getting married, and I have this cool new dress that I want to look totally badass in. I'll let you know how that all goes. It will be a tiny wedding at the Muir Beach Overlook in Marin, and I am going with Jessy (Taylor's fiancé) to get our hair blow-dried that morning, which means I have to decide what kind of blow-dry I want. Options include "beachy" "straight with volume" "sleek," etc. Input welcome.
This is my dress: I look nothing like that model in it, but I still love it. Here's the question: Do I wear red, gray, turquoise, or black shoes? I feel like black is the boring and obvious choice, gray is fun but subdued, red is great but my red shoes aren't the best ever, and my turquoise shoes ARE the best ever but the style doesn't quite fit the dress. Gah! Help!
In other news, yeah, now I'm 29. Which is Old. I thought 28 was Old, but I was wrong. I would love to be turning 28 again. I am 29 and I live with my parents and am not meeting my full earning/job potential. Wheeeeee. My brother got all those "successful life" genes, apparently.
How are all of YOU?