Wednesday, April 28, 2010

it's that time again

Spring/summer/early fall: that time when life gets incredibly busy for no one reason, always followed by fall, which for the past two years has been a melancholic dead zone of joblessness and depression. But for reference, here is my (tentative) schedule for the next few months:

Now-May 27th: work at AFI. attempt to not stab out eyes/ears with readily available screwdrivers from workbench.
May 1st (this Saturday! gah! must find something to wear!): Jennifer and Josh's wedding
May 28th: drive home
May 30th: Jarrod and Amelia's wedding
May 31st-?: home... depends on jobs
June 22nd: fly to Chicago
June 2rd-July 31st: teach film cherubs at Northwestern! yay!
August 1st: fly back to San Francisco, drive to Camp
August 1st-7th: Camp! vacation! yay!
August 7th: drive to Morro Bay for Deirdre's wedding, get there by 5pm ceremony
August 8th: Mom's birthday, drive home
August 9th-20th: at Pac Prim with Rainbow Dolphins
August 21st-September 3rd: ??
September 4th: Kate and Stuart's wedding in Indianapolis. have not figured out how/when to go. stupid Labor Day ticket prices.

and then... into the ghastly blank, my friends.

Death Valley post soon! FOR REALS.