Friday, July 24, 2009


After a) reading my first Agatha Christie novel and b) seeing the trailer for the Guy Ritchie Sherlock Holmes film (with Robert Downey Jr!), I have been thinking a lot about how I used to want to be a detective. Observe:

me in my detective hat, about 1990

This is me in my oft-present Detective Hat. I had The Young Detective's Handbook, which taught me how to find clues and dust for fingerprints, then save them with Scotch tape, and I had this hat, and a magnifying glass. Heather and I used to set out to "solve a mystery" oh, probably about once a week. It was either that or looking for secret passages. Random, yes, but man, those were the days. Maybe I'll quit film and become a marine biologist who studies narwhals... and when there are no narwhals I will solve all the mysteries in Greenland.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

cherubs gems, volume 5

KID DIRECTING: "Oh wait, she's supposed to cry in this scene. (To actor) How fast can you cry?"

KID DIRECTING: "So, when she leaves, it's like a slow pan, and then you guys are like, da bomb wiggity."

SAME KID, STILL DIRECTING: "Can we up the LOLing?"

Sunday, July 19, 2009


I've mentioned before that I am sort of addicted to the Stuff You Missed In History Class podcast and blog... and obviously you are all painfully aware of my deep obsession with narwhals and burgeoning desire to ditch the film industry and go be a marine biologist in Greenland. So you can only imagine my surprise when Stuff You Missed In History Class got a new co-host who is also obsessed with narwhals. Is she meant to be my bestest friend whom I can stealthily stalk via the internet? Or is she an enemy out to thwart my narwhal-related job search? HOW CAN I TELL?