Wednesday, January 21, 2009

that's my city

Formerly Bush Street in San Francisco, via Joe My God:


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

this greatest day

I woke up this morning just in the nick of time- my alarm was accidentally on silent. I woke up at 8:34 and saw all the important stuff. I don't think I've ever cried so soon after waking up- seeing all those people in DC was pretty amazing. I am SO GLAD I didn't have to be on set until 11.

4 years ago I was in Evanston. I have no idea what exactly I was doing, whether I was in class or at the Cage or at the Childcare Center. Chances are that I was doing some sort of prep for Eldritch, and that in the afternoon I'd be at the Cage checking out gear to people. But wherever I was, I certainly wasn't watching TV, I certainly wasn't crying, and I know I was pretty fucking depressed.

Today I'm not doing anything fun. I have to work at 11 on a set in a storage facility, where I get painfully claustrophobic every single day- but it doesn't matter, because this is pretty much the greatest day I've ever lived through. I can't quite decide if it's better than Election Day, but I know this: there's a lot less stress than there was on Election Day.

On CNN they just said that Obama was walking Bush to the helicopter that would take him "into retirement in Texas." HALLELUJAH! And that's pretty damn respectful, if you ask me- it's hardly a requirement to to escort the dude who handed him such a difficult job to his helicopter. Classy, Obama.

Obama's speech was good- I don't think it was his most stirring or inspirational, but that was to be expected. He has to start out in the middle, govern in the middle- and even though I want him to be the lovely liberal that I knew him to be in the campaign, I know he has to make some concessions. To quote The West Wing in some fashion, he's not just President to the people who voted for him, he's President to the whole country. It was the speech it needed to be.

I liked that he included "non-believers" in his list of the religious faiths in this country- I doubt that's ever happened before. He called to "cast aside childish things," and repeatedly mentioned the environment. I know the economic crisis is huge and all, but I think the environmental crisis is a much bigger deal, and I'm glad he hasn't lost site of it under all the pressure from the economy.

Ha, CNN: "John Roberts had one thing to do today, and he kind of screwed up." Obama nearly laughed at him.

OH GOD MUSIC TO MY EARS: "Former President George W. Bush." !!!!

Good luck, Obama. We know you can do it. We know WE can do it. Yes we can.