Saturday, July 11, 2009

cherubs gems, volume 2

(this one's for the cinematography geeks)
while watching a clip from Citizen Kane:
ME: "So, what kind of camera movement did you notice?"
KID WHO THINKS HE IS CONRAD HALL: "There was definitely some Steadicam."
ME: "Well... Steadicam wasn't invented until 1976, but good guess."

after watching the opening of Silence of the Lambs
KID: "I just didn't buy the performance of the actor playing Hannibal Lecter. He wasn't creepy enough- I can think of 5 or 6 actors who would have been a lot creepier."
TEACHER: *stunned silence*
OTHER KID: "Didn't he win an Oscar for this?"

during critique of the kids' experimental short films:
KID: "I thought whoever did the camera did a good job of keeping it in focus."
TEACHER: *laughing uncontrollably* "When having something in focus becomes the benchmark of quality, I just... I don't know."

KID: "I really liked how they used the clock to represent time."

KID OPERATING CAMERA: "OK, so put the slate in... ok now unslate! Unslate! I mean deslate! I mean whatever, just get out."

Monday, July 06, 2009

brief reactions to Public Enemies

I don't feel like the movie is really worth disecting in detail- it was ok, but nothing great. There were about two memorable scenes for me. My primary reactions were:

a. holy crap, this movie looks like shit.
b. why on Earth is Leelee Sobieski in this movie?
c. maybe i can leave and sneak in to watch Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs again.
d. seriously, it looks like SHIT.
e. i must run home and watch LA Confidential so as not to completely lose faith in Dante Spinotti.
f. i sure am glad NHSI paid for this and not me!

P.S. fyi, Ice Age 3 is really cute. good kid's movie, and not annoying like many animated movies nowadays. it's a solid famly movie. if you see it, be sure to stay for the credits and clap for Taylor Shaw in the visual effects section!