Sunday, February 22, 2009


Just quickly, on the Oscars, because I want to write a real post all about my trip to Chicago, but if I don't comment on the Oscars soon I will forget all my thoughts about it.


-THANK GOODNESS Roger Deakins didn't win Best Cinematography for HALF of The Reader. I know it's weird to say that I didn't want one of my favorite cinematographers to win, but really? He has done much better work and not won for it. For him to win for such a shitty movie (although it looked ok), and a shitty movie that he only shot half of, would be wretched. WHEN ROGER DEAKINS WINS HIS OSCAR, HE WILL NOT HAVE TO SHARE IT.

-Hugh Jackman wasn't nearly as bad as he could have been. He was just sort of there, after the opening number at least, and the opening number wasn't half bad. It was even funny, that whole "I haven't seen The Reader bit"? Blunt and genius.

-Danny Boyle = Timmy from South Park, sans wheelchair. He's so cute and small and leprechaun-esque and ALWAYS HAPPY ABOUT EVERYTHING!

-Wherefore art thou, Jack Nicholson? I miss your sunglasses and your awkward chin laughs.

-Also noticeably absent, at least on camera: Leonardo DiCaprio and Clint Eastwood.

-What the hell is up with not having a Lifetime Achievement Award?? Also, remember last year when Bob Boyle won the Lifetime Achievement Award and everyone (at Bre's house) cried? That was awesome. Bob Boyle, still alive and kickin', by the way.

-That kid who wrote Milk was sappy and annoying, but huzzah to his gay rights acceptance speech.

-I love Angelica Huston. No one else could pull off pointy metal things all over her dress with such dignity. Goal: be like Angelica Huston when grown up.

-The Dark Knight was totally shafted. Except for Heath Ledger, of course. That and SOUND EDITING? Lame. I mean, no offense to sound editors or anything. They're awesome. But The Dark Knight deserved something more, like oh, say, BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY perhaps?? Or a Best Picture nomination, for crying out loud!! What is wrong with this world?


-Angelina Jolie must have robbed the Emerald City for her jewelry. For shame.

-Meryl Streep's daughter who is not Mamie Gummer (Mamie Gummer went to NU my year) looks NOTHING like Meryl Streep. Odd. Also, she had the most boring dress in the whole world. Do you think she didn't bring Mamie Gummer because Mamie Gummer looks too much like her? Also, I like to say the name "Mamie Gummer." It's almost as much fun as saying "Mark Mavrothalasitis."

-It was great when Kate Winselt's dad whistled to her. Awwwww. If I ever win an Oscar I am totally bringing my parents.

-Miley Cyrus ought to be banned from the Oscars in the future on the basis of her dress choice alone.

-Sophia Loren, animatronic robot? (stole that from Matt Repchak but it is incredibly apt)

- TIM: "There are people in the world who liked Cars more than Wall-E."
CAMERON: "Yeah, but they're 4 years old."
TIM: "And Will Beckley."

-Glad Mickey Rourke didn't win, but sad that his dog died. RIP, doggy.

-Man! What a crappy year for movies!