Sunday, October 04, 2009


I know I have not yet posted anything about The Weddings, and I am a horrible blogger because of it. I'm working on a giant Wedding Post, but truth be told, that week- the one that encompassed both Rachel's and Jack's weddings- was a very emotional one for me (in a good way!), and it's hard to put that into words. But any way, on the subject of weddings...

Today I heard about my FIFTH wedding to go to next year, that of Jennifer Nashorn and Josh Blankenship, two screenwriters from my class at AFI. Jennifer was the screenwriter of my Cycle 2 and one of the funniest, warmest people I know. She's the one who made me a Rice Krispie penis for my birthday when I turned 25 (it would have been cake but I'm allergic to it) and Rice Krispie boobs when I turned 26. That should tell you about what she's like. One shudders to think what kind of Rice Krispie body part I might get this year.

Anyway, their wedding will be in LA, so it shouldn't be too costly for me to go to... but it got me thinking. I complain about how expensive and time consuming it is to go to these things, but really- how lucky am I to have 9 friends- 10, if you count Richard, who hasn't yet set a date for his wedding- who like me enough to want me to be there when they get married? I need to remember that more often.

That's all. Posts and wedding pictures soon, I promise.