Saturday, September 19, 2009

in indignation

Dear Waterproof Mascara,

You are supposed to be waterproof. WTF.

Cameron Shaw

P.S. Jack and Kat's wedding today! Am having the absolute bestest time in Chicago.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Old friends.
The Wills greeting at the entrance.
Significant others.
Friends' parents.
Alexis in the sunshine.
Rachel, like a Greek goddess, with flowers in her hair.
Her mom.
Al Adams.
Head, heart, hands.
Short, simple, perfect ceremony.
California hills and sun.
Heels and soft earth and cobblestones.
Too much champagne.
Martin's dad.
Lanterns and twilight and dancing.
So much dancing.
Julia and Matty P music.
Andrew Tolve dances funny.
Missed the cake.
Lick photo.
Flip flops.
Drunken conversation with Susan and Al Adams.
Must apologize.
Shuttle to house.
Long phone conversation =)
Snagged spot on couch.
Andrew Kelsey kicked me in the head.
Stephen Blair squeezed my foot.
Not sure why.
Julia, asleep in the bathroom.
Broke a nail.
Boys cooking hamburgers with bacon and cream cheese?
Not much sleep.
Woke to discover golf course.
So many smells.
So much havoc.
Such a mess.
So many friends.


Details soon, with pictures. Oh, the pictures are FABULOUS.