Sunday, December 04, 2011

Things to look forward to

I haven't written in this thing in ages, but the introspective wanderer in me wants to start again. I have a couple potential projects up my sleeve, and a couple potential trips (although I'm still saving, so who knows when they will really happen), so I'll try to stay on top of things, for anyone who is still actually around to read.

If you're still around: hi guys! Thanks for hanging in there!

So, just a couple things to be excited about in the next few weeks:

1. Next weekend, Charlie is coming to visit! Not me specifically, but all his friends in the Bay Area. He is my cute Italian friend from Northwestern, Kevin Cannon and Nazan's old roommate from Turkish house, as exhibited on the far right here:


As you may know, I LOVE VISITORS, so this is exciting.

2. In the same vein, Kevin Welch is coming to visit in two weeks, to work on a project we have cooked up with Adam. We are going to talk to some people who may be able to help us out, and part of this involves going up to Sonoma and Napa, which always makes me happy. I was up in Sonoma last weekend to have lunch with my cousin Whitney and then take her to the airport, and the leaves changing on the grape vines was just about the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. I am so frickin' lucky to live in this place, where everywhere I turn there's something that makes me happy to be here.

Anyway! End schmaltzfest. Kevin being here will be lots of fun, if for no other reason than I will have someone to go to movies with who actually knows things about movies. Maybe I can drag him to the new Herzog movie (you know, the one about the death penalty that everyone else refuses to see with me)!

3. There *might* be a cast and crew screening of Friend of the Bride, the feature I shot in September. My first feature! It will be un-color-corrected and un-sound-designed, but! My first feature! I hope it's good! It has the potential to be really funny and touching, and I'm not so much worried about that stuff as I am about hating my own work when I first see it... I always hate what I shoot the first time I see it cut together. I later get over it, of course (especially since for this one I had about 3 lights, no lighting crew, no focus puller, and no prep time), but still... I'm NERVOUS! Excited, but nervous.

So those are some good things. Hurray for good things. Hope everyone's doing very well and that the holidays are shaping up nicely =)