Saturday, May 19, 2018

“You’re alarming in the breast area”

I just got really thoroughly felt up by a TSA agent because apparently the machine told them my breast area was suspicious. Thanks, underwire bra! 

Currently doing that thing you do before a long flight where you stand up for ages for no other reason than soon you will be sitting down for ages. There must be 350 people waiting in the boarding area with me. I should be using this time to figure out how to get to our Airbnb from the airport. I know nothing about Paris. Nothing! #adventure 

Thursday, May 17, 2018

We'll see if this takes

I am off to traveling again on Saturday, and wish to share things with people that I love. Blogs, as mid-'00's as they are, remain the best way to do this without shoving it all down someone's throat. So... I suppose for a little while at least I will be back to blogging.

I'm leaving on Saturday and flying into Paris, where I have never been, and where I will only be for about 2 days before jumping over to Greece. In Paris I am meeting Kate and Stuart, my lovely Bristol-based friends (Kate lived in the dorm with me and then at 1705 Ridge, in the good old days), for two nights of who knows what. We are doing the Louvre, I know that, where I want to see the Winged Victory and you know, other famous stuff, but where I have no delusions of being able to see everything. Then in Greece I will ferry on over to the island of Tinos, where my cousin David and his wife Jessica, along with their intrepid 13 year old Willa Marie, are staying while on the Greek leg of their Jubilee. They have been traveling since December, with a few stops back in Chicago, and they were courteous enough to put out an open invite to family to come visit them while they are in Greece. Obviously I jumped at that opportunity. I've wanted to go to Greece for pretty much my whole life. After Tinos I will be in Athens for a few days and then home. Whirlwind, yes, but so looking forward to it.

If it pleases you, you may read the (often ridiculous) old posts on this blog, last visited in 2012 when I lived in my Hobbit Hole on Ortega Street and many things were different. Don't judge too harshly.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Suddenly and without warning

I have returned to blogging! Largely because I am indignant about this week of a) my birthday; b) the corresponding Giants game and alcohol fest; and c) my brother's wedding, which is taking place RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE of the first time I have actually managed to lose some frickin' weight in the last few years. There was awhile back in 2010 that I was doing pretty well losing weight. Then all went to hell, and now I have had to lose that same weight again. I'm doing ok. Tiffany and I are going to Weight Watchers and I have started bringing lunch to preschool, which helps because they feed the preschoolers Full Fat Everything (such as real butter, etc, not like junk food).
Or perhaps I'm just indignant that my brother's wedding, which will be very small but will still feature photographs galore, decided to sneak up on me when I have only lost about half the weight I wanted to lose before said photographs.
Or perhaps I am annoyed that I gained all this weight to begin with, and that I will probably gain it all back when I go eat in the frickin' dorm all summer. While I would like to say that it's easy to eat only over-cooked veggies and not go out to get beer with friends every night, it is not. I don't have that kind of willpower. Friends say "let us go to a movie and eat an entire bag of Peanut Butter M&M's amongst the three of us!" and I say "Hell yes!" rather than "Oh, no thank you, I'll just bring along my Vitamin Water."
But anyway yes, my brother is getting married, and I have this cool new dress that I want to look totally badass in. I'll let you know how that all goes. It will be a tiny wedding at the Muir Beach Overlook in Marin, and I am going with Jessy (Taylor's fiancé) to get our hair blow-dried that morning, which means I have to decide what kind of blow-dry I want. Options include "beachy" "straight with volume" "sleek," etc. Input welcome.
This is my dress: I look nothing like that model in it, but I still love it. Here's the question: Do I wear red, gray, turquoise, or black shoes? I feel like black is the boring and obvious choice, gray is fun but subdued, red is great but my red shoes aren't the best ever, and my turquoise shoes ARE the best ever but the style doesn't quite fit the dress. Gah! Help!
In other news, yeah, now I'm 29. Which is Old. I thought 28 was Old, but I was wrong. I would love to be turning 28 again. I am 29 and I live with my parents and am not meeting my full earning/job potential. Wheeeeee. My brother got all those "successful life" genes, apparently.
How are all of YOU?

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Stream of Consicousness Oscar Post

Starting at the beginning and going along as the show goes...

I AM SO GLAD BILLY CRYSTAL IS BACK. Thanks, James Franco and Anne Hathaway, for being so incredibly bad that they could convince Billy to come back.

Karl Swaybo... seat filling at the Oscars for 59 years? I want that job! I'd be REALLY GOOD at that job. Probably not actually a real job, though.

WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU'RE GIVING OUT CINEMATOGRAPHY FIRST? WHAT THE FUCK, OSCARS? Oh, and of course Robert Richardson won. Hey, at least I predicted it, even if it wasn't the one that I wanted to win. And at least Richardson called them out on how lame it was that they put it first. How degrading to Cinematography! Richardson's speech was short and sweet, but I do hope they get over this whole "let's give it to the most visually lavish and effects-heavy movie possible!" kick they're on soon.

Hey, at this point I'm 2/2 in predictions! I put my predictions on Facebook so people could publicly ridicule me for them.

What is this pointless montage for? Just to remind us all of how much we like movies? Iconic Movie Moments? Stupid.

It's kind of nice that they have stars talking about each of the people who did makeup and costumes and such. Why didn't they have that for Cinematography? Geez. Cinematography is so shafted this year! WTF. Also this little bit about stars' first movies is cute.

Sandra Bullock presenting Best Foreign Language Film and her joke about "speaking Chinese" was... dumb.

A Separation! I guess now I will really have to see it. It's so hard to want to go see a movie about a marriage breaking up that will probably be very sad. Pretty awesome that an Iranian movie won, given all that's going on between the US and Iran.

Hurray! Octavia Spencer! NICE DRESS too. And they gave her a standing ovation! Cute. I hope The Help wins the two actress awards but nothing else. Definitely doesn't deserve Best Picture. Awww why is she apologizing? She's so cute. I love her.

MUPPETS! I <3 MUPPETS. However, odd that Cirque Du Soleil is performing at The Oscars. Just cause it's an artsy medium doesn't mean all other artsy mediums are invited. I like Cirque and all, but not thrust upon me when least expected.

Rango won! Well, so the two awards I really cared about split- one went good, one went meh. If Lubezki had won Cinematography it would have been, like, the best Oscars ever.

Emma Stone is embarrassing. Also, she looks like a lump of yarn.

Dude, Christopher Plummer is a class act. I want him to thank all 7 von Trapp children. I'm glad they're letting him talk! Taylor says they don't cut old people off... it's pretty true.

Does anyone else think it's weird that the band is up in the boxes?

I am not a fan of the continuing jokes about Kodak going bankrupt. Poor Kodak. The movies wouldn't exist without Kodak, you'd think someone would step in to help them out.

"To all of you, please accept me because I've got so much love to give." Crappiest acceptance speech yet.

Flight of the Conchords guy wrote the Man or Muppet song! I had no idea. Somehow the fact that those two worlds collided makes me really happy.

I would love to go in the Kodak theater some day. It looks so grand and beautiful.

Girl From Precious, you may have had the best line all night: "THe fact that he was a freaking alcoholic- WITH ONE FOOT!"

I have gotten bored with this broadcast, and thus have stopped commenting on things. Lalalalalalalala oooh Best Director! This should be interesting... oh snore, Hazanavicius... clearly now The Artist will win. Lame.

The In Memorium montage is always my favorite. That sounds weird, but it's the one tiny glimpse of humanity in this giant show full of Hollywood glitz. Plus it highlights a lot of people no one knew died, like sound people and camera people. That's a good thing- they don't get enough recognition. Too bad what they do get is posthumous.

Natalie Portman looks amazing. Red dress and diamonds is a good look for her. This is kind of weird though, having her address each of the Best Actor nominees directly... she keeps looking back at the teleprompter, it's very inelegant.

God the sound on this broadcast is awful.

Oh gee, The Artist won. Shocking! Kind of a snorefest of an Oscars. I have zero witty comments. The end!

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Things to look forward to

I haven't written in this thing in ages, but the introspective wanderer in me wants to start again. I have a couple potential projects up my sleeve, and a couple potential trips (although I'm still saving, so who knows when they will really happen), so I'll try to stay on top of things, for anyone who is still actually around to read.

If you're still around: hi guys! Thanks for hanging in there!

So, just a couple things to be excited about in the next few weeks:

1. Next weekend, Charlie is coming to visit! Not me specifically, but all his friends in the Bay Area. He is my cute Italian friend from Northwestern, Kevin Cannon and Nazan's old roommate from Turkish house, as exhibited on the far right here:


As you may know, I LOVE VISITORS, so this is exciting.

2. In the same vein, Kevin Welch is coming to visit in two weeks, to work on a project we have cooked up with Adam. We are going to talk to some people who may be able to help us out, and part of this involves going up to Sonoma and Napa, which always makes me happy. I was up in Sonoma last weekend to have lunch with my cousin Whitney and then take her to the airport, and the leaves changing on the grape vines was just about the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. I am so frickin' lucky to live in this place, where everywhere I turn there's something that makes me happy to be here.

Anyway! End schmaltzfest. Kevin being here will be lots of fun, if for no other reason than I will have someone to go to movies with who actually knows things about movies. Maybe I can drag him to the new Herzog movie (you know, the one about the death penalty that everyone else refuses to see with me)!

3. There *might* be a cast and crew screening of Friend of the Bride, the feature I shot in September. My first feature! It will be un-color-corrected and un-sound-designed, but! My first feature! I hope it's good! It has the potential to be really funny and touching, and I'm not so much worried about that stuff as I am about hating my own work when I first see it... I always hate what I shoot the first time I see it cut together. I later get over it, of course (especially since for this one I had about 3 lights, no lighting crew, no focus puller, and no prep time), but still... I'm NERVOUS! Excited, but nervous.

So those are some good things. Hurray for good things. Hope everyone's doing very well and that the holidays are shaping up nicely =)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

for September 11th

I have a lot of catching up to do on this blog, as it seems I always do. For now, though, I'm going to just do what probably every other blogger in the US is doing today- remembering September 11th, 2001.

I've heard a lot of stuff on NPR recently about the attacks, and people's opinions of them then and now. A lot of testimonials and position pieces. They all seem to say the same thing: that feeling of terror still feels present and immediate, as though ten years haven't passed at all. It's very similar for me, but linked to all sorts of other fears as well.

That summer of 2001 was my last before college. I spent it working at Pacific Primary and then at the Leakey Foundation; at a certain point all my friends went to college and I was left behind, taking the bus to the Presidio every morning, listening to Graceland and generally feeling sorry for myself. All my friends were gone and I didn't know what was awaiting me once Northwestern's quarter system finally started. I was due in Evanston on September 14th.

My dad woke me up on the morning of September 11th by saying something dramatic and confusing along the lines of "Cameron, wake up, New York is under attack and we're driving to Chicago." It made no sense until I stumbled into the TV room where my mom was watching the news coverage. I remember being stunned, and crying when I began to think about all the friends I had in New York, just starting college- were they ok? They were, all of them. One of them IMed me later that day and asked me to let her mom know that she was fine. I don't remember a ton of details of the rest of the day, to be honest. I watched the news. I called Ana and wished her a strained "uh... happy birthday?" I packed up my life in San Francisco, because as Dad said, we were driving to Chicago. The airports were closed and would be for days.

We left the next day for a three day drive across the country. It sounds naive and overly-simplified, but 9/11 and that 3-day drive kind of marked the end of my sheltered childhood. Not that I wouldn't continue to be pretty damn sheltered at Northwestern- it's more that I started to realize then how big the world was, how many people hate us, and how different my life would be from then on. Starting September 12th, I wouldn't live at home anymore, or be monitored 24/7 by my parents. I would make my own decisions and feed myself and get myself to class. I would meet people with points of view that I'd never even fathomed- Republicans! The Midwest was crawling with them. Hell, I even ended up dating a Libertarian that first year in college. Driving through states I'd never seen up close- Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, and finally Illinois- peppered with American flags and "united we stand" banners everywhere you turned, I got a sense of the country I'd lived in my whole life. I rode in the back seat listening to the news reports, buying a newspaper at every truck stop, feeling incredibly disconnected yet in awe of what was happening to the country. I had my camera with me (of course) and took some photos that I still love of what we saw on the way:

big sky in Wyoming

Before 9/11 I had a pretty small worldview, no matter how cosmopolitan, worldly and open I thought I was. I had great friends and a wonderful family and the most uncertainty I'd ever dealt with was not knowing where I'd go to college. After 9/11, I found a whole new world. I made new friends who introduced me to the film industry, I dated boys, I explored Chicago, I visited new cities and towns; I lived in a world that was constantly uncertain, constantly thinking that maybe the Sears Tower was next, always a little afraid to board a plane. I still live in that world today. It's a weird feeling, to look back and know that that's the day your life changed, not through any direct involvement with the attacks on the East Coast, but because of what it set in motion. It feels like it's been a lot longer and not very long all at once.

I don't have much that's profound to say about it all, about the sacrifices made and the unspeakable loss of life. I still cry when I see images from that day, and I'm not even always sure why. The bottom line is that on September 10th the world seemed pretty safe, and the next day everything was up in the air. I still have no idea where my life is headed, but I'm glad to be here, and I'm grateful for all the people who are fighting to keep me here.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

on Father's Day

One of my favorite memories of my Dad from when I was a kid would happen every now and then on a weekend, or in the summer, when my brother and I were really bored. He'd strap both of us into the passenger seat in his pea-green 1970's Toyota pickup truck, we'd hit the road, and he would let us take turns navigating- "turn left" "turn right" "go straight," etc. We'd head out into the "unknown," usually in the North Bay or South Bay, and have an adventure. Once we found a house with lots of pink flamingoes in front of it; once we got incredibly lost somewhere near Point Reyes, in the rain, and had to buy lunch from a tiny grocery store. Wherever we ended up, it was always someplace new.

I'm pretty sure that's where the whole "wanderlust" part of my personality came from.