Thursday, April 30, 2009

today i am grumpy

because i couldn't sleep last night.

because i hate ACing and have to AC for the next two weeks.

because all my friends move away from me.

because i am not one of the skinny people at the gym.

because camera prep is the most annoying activity in the world and i never get paid for it.

because i wasted an entire day this week driving around in a car in the middle of nowhere with someone i hardly know.

because cheese has too many calories in it.

because my room is a mess but is also too small to ever actually be clean.

because wireless follow focuses are finicky and stupid.

because That One Job hasn't paid me yet.

because That Other Job might not exist.

because i hate Los Angeles.

because i inherited all the Patterson/Shaw medical ailments and my brother inherited none.

because nobody likes me best.


Sunday, April 26, 2009

conspiracies and explorers and U-boats, oh my

This ability to watch endless History Channel documentaries for free on Netflix might just be the end of me. The end of my active participation in the world around me. It might even be better than that "Stuff You Missed in History Class" podcast.*

*Because I DID miss a lot of stuff in history class. Well, not AP Euro, that was basically the best class ever. And not freshman year Ancient & Classical Civilizations. But junior year US History? With Mr. Nelson? Who talked about lettuce a lot and drank vodka from a coffee mug? Yeah, I missed a lot in that class. And 20th Century Dictators with Ms. Nuñez... talk about a waste of a semester. Oh sorry, tangent.