Wednesday, June 25, 2008

damn good coffee

self explanatory

Bre and Jake and Richard and I have started watching Twin Peaks. None of them have ever seen it, and it is so much fun to be on the other side, the side that knows what's going to happen! I'm trying really hard to not be as scared as I used to be. Granted, we haven't gotten to the really scary stuff yet, so all my good intentions could be blown away very soon, but... for the moment at least, I am trying. We're only on the 4th episode. Or Jake and I are. Richard is three episodes behind and Bre is one episode behind.

Jake likes it the most and Richard likes it well enough, and Bre doesn't like it at all. This marks the first time Jake and I have agreed on something 100%, other than Arrested Development. Finally!

The real test is how terrified I'm going to be of the woods at night when we go to Camp in a month. Not that there's anything sinister about the woods at Camp, but still... Zach and Spenser and I managed to freak ourselves out about The Blair Witch Project 9 years ago, and only one of us had actually seen it at the time. A vivid imagination was the nighttime curse of my childhood... I must not let it have the same effect on my adulthood! Wait, am I an adult yet? Really? How boring.

Anyway, Twin Peaks= awesome, and the pilot must be just about the best hour and a half of television ever aired. I'm so happy to be watching it again. I just wish I wasn't moving in the process!