Saturday, August 22, 2009


So, I bought a dress. It is a little dressy for Rachexis' wedding, but most of that will be at night, so I'm ok with it, plus as Jonny says you always need to dress for the dressier event of the two. For Jack and Kat's wedding it will have to have a sweater or something over it cause it's strapless, but whatever. Sweaters are good because they cover up my fat arms.

ALSO Deirdre emailed us 1 Brown girls today to tell us that she and Karl are getting married next August, and Kate/Stuart are officially getting married Labor Day weekend 2010, and Jarrod and Amelia are getting married, and Richard and Jada presumably will be getting married sometime in the next year. Conclusion: HOLY CRAP, WEDDINGS. Hopefully one of those other weddings will be appropriate for me to wear this dress again.


oh bother, now i'm sad.

I'm looking through my boxes upon boxes of photographs from high school and college- really, I have no idea why my parents put up with me spending so much money on film and processing- and I found this, and I wanted to cry:

Sip, Jim, Will, Steve, Min, Kat, Arielle, me, and Tim at the 2004 NU Speech commencement

Can I please go back to college?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

another list

Differences Between Working On Films and Teaching Preschoolers:

1. Reaction to the phrase "Look how deep my hole is!"
Teaching Preschoolers: "Wow! Can you see the other side of the world?"
Working On Films: "That's what she said."

2. Reaction to lunchtime:
Teaching Preschoolers: Is it over yet?
Working On Films: Sweet!

3. Primary Materials With Which Things Are Built:
Teaching Preschoolers: Legos, sand, tape.
Working on Films: Metal, wood, tape.

4. Meaning of the phrase "I can't find the sticks!":
Teaching Preschoolers: lost Lincoln Logs
Working on Films: lost tripod

5. Meaning of the word "dirt":
Teaching Preschoolers: actual dirt, generally smeared all over children
Working on Films: sandbags