Saturday, April 17, 2010

grab bag

Things About the Inner Workings of Which I Understand Very Little:*

1. hair extensions (where do they latch on? to your skull or to your hair? what are they made of? i could research this easily but choose not to.)
2. people who suddenly become extremely religious for no apparent reason
2A. Jews for Jesus
3. taxes
4. The Effect of Masers On Supernova Remnants (this is why I keep Jack around)
5. Ru Paul's Drag Race
6. narwhals**
7. The inability of Los Angeles residents/ the dictum by the City of Los Angeles that trash cans must be left IN THE STREET for trash pickup day, thus rendering it impossible to park anywhere.

*Don't you love it when concerted efforts to not end a sentence with a preposition make said sentence unnecessarily confusing?
** BUT I LOVE THEM and no one else really understands them either!

Also! The "wanderlust" portion of this here blog is soon to be expanded- Steve and I are going to Death Valley tomorrow! I also owe everyone (myself?) a rundown of me and Mom's trip to Portland, and then in May I'm going to New York for a weekend to see Taylor! Things are looking up, life-wise- or at least travel-wise.