Sunday, February 13, 2011

i guess i'm that girl

That girl who is really bitter about Valentine's Day, that is. The thing is, I am not bitter about the idea of Valentine's Day- I think it's kind of sweet. I'm bitter about being single and apparently perpetually unattractive to men, combined with the marketing and overemphasis on sweets of Valentine's Day. And my grandmother Mere Mere died on Valentine's Day, so it's always a bit of a weird feeling.

But most of all, I am bitter about those friends of mine who are in relationships and take it upon themselves to send Valentines to their friends, their poor lonely friends who are probably drinking themselves to sleep on Valentine's Day. I don't know what compels these people to do this, but seriously, friends in relationships: IT'S REALLY CONDESCENDING. DON'T DO IT. WE HATE YOU AND WILL SEND IT BACK LACED WITH ANTHRAX.

That is all.

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