Thursday, August 13, 2009

a list

Things With Which I Disagree

1. Teenaged girls who call their boyfriends "hubby." WRONG FOR SO MANY REASONS! It's annoying enough when grown women who are ACTUALLY MARRIED do it.

2. Twitter.

3. The guy in the audience of Dazed and Confused last night who, when people 20 rows away in the back of the theater were talking, turned around and screamed "SHUT UP!" across the entire theater. Holy crap, man, it's not like they're sitting anywhere near you! Anyone whose hearing is that good and cares that much for silence in a movie they had presumably already seen should be put out of their misery.

4. People who register for gifts when they are not getting married or having a baby and just assume that they deserve said gifts.

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  1. Any chance you have Sasha Osipova's email address or contact? I used to swim w/Sasha and her brother back in the day. Thanks!