Thursday, July 30, 2009


I'm sitting in Studio 105 in Louis Hall at Northwestern, waiting to tape one of the acting classes for the Acting For The Camera students we have in the NSHI Film program. I offered to help out with stuff for the end of the camp, because I had the afternoon free, and this is what I got stuck with... but I suppose it's vaguely interesting. Our acting kids are so much less annoying than the Theater Cherubs. Bane of my life, the Theater Cherubs! They sing in the dining hall and walk around in loud attention-getting clothing, hug each other and climb on each other and just generally make sure that EVERYONE NOTICES THEM AT ALL TIMES.

I HATE people like that.

Theater kids have always bothered me, even in college when I was friends with a lot of them. Hell, even at Lively Arts Summer Camp in 5th grade when I had to be in a play- even THEN I secretly knew it was all bullshit. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate a good actor more than you know- it's murder being on a film set with only bad actors, or even just one bad actor who throws things out of whack. But when theater people are grouped together, there's just this loud, impenetrable wall of PERFORMING that surrounds them and dwarfs all the normal people. Gag.

Random! Yes I know! I shall be coherent again someday!

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