Thursday, June 25, 2009

missing Martha

It's weird to say that I'm still "used to" something that I haven't done in a good 6 years, but I think it's safe to say that I am used to having a roommate when I live in a dorm, and that this whole "no Martha" thing is strange. Not INCREDIBLY strange, since I had my own room before freshman/sophomore year and have had my own room ever since, but being in a Northwestern dorm that SMELLS exactly like CRC and has furniture literally identical to CRC furniture, it's weird to not have Martha sitting at a desk across the room, quietly writing a paper or downloading songs from LimeWire.

LimeWire! Remember that??

Anyway, Martha was my freshman/sophomore year roommate in CRC, and despite thinking at first that she was way too cool to be my friend, we ended up being pretty great roommates. We had three Beta fish (Kurt Cobain, Eeyore, and Aaliyah), and when the last one, Kurt Cobain, died, we had a Nirvana funeral for him, blasting Nevermind out our window and digging into the frozen Januaray earth beneath our window with a dining hall spoon. We had Suite Bonding with the other 1 Brown girls (Sarah, Deirdre and Danielle), and flashed Hinman every week in the process; we went to the graveyard on Halloween with Lummis and Camilla; we had a radio show where we fought about music... and I miss her. And all because of a smell and some furniture!

So, Martha Grace "Action" "M-Cat" "Lucky Bunny" Jackson, here's to you.

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  1. Martha12:25 PM

    Hey SanFranCaliCam, I didn't read your blog till today (oops!) but thanks for the sweet post opining our awesome roommate-ship. I find myself reminiscing about Kurt Cobain all the time, not to mention our badass radio show. I'm really excited to see you at Dr.'s wedding (it feels so weird to say that...)!