Saturday, June 20, 2009

grammar police

Leading sentence in an article on BBC news, headline "Greece to Unveil Acropolis Museum": "The long awaited Acropolis Museum in Athens is to be unveiled later."


COMPLETE THY SENTENCE, BBC. Or, if it's so dull as to not really be pressing and just plain old happening "later," why write the article in the first place?

Also, recently I heard someone say something was "copywritten in 2004." NO IT WASN'T THERE IS NO SUCH VERB AS "TO COPYWRITE." Furthermore, this makes me think of that stupid short film Copywrite which many friends of mine worked on before I got to Northwestern, and which is secretly not very good, but they all think it is the absolute nectar of the cinematic gods, and if I ever have to hear another story about how much fun it was to make, I will kill someone.

I seem to have switched rants mid-post there, huh? See, bad grammar brings about only bad things.

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