Wednesday, December 10, 2008

on a more ridiculous note

I need a happier post up here because every time I think about my friend's sister's baby, I start to cry. So I'll tell you something ridiculous.

My apartment in West Hollywood with Li-Wei had the sort of floor-to-ceiling walls of mirrors that I absolutely hate about LA apartments. No matter where you looked, you could see yourself, and it was awful. But because of this, I never needed a full=length mirror, so I never bothered to get one. Now, though, our apartment has exactly one mirror, the one on the bathroom medicine cabinet, and I need a full-length mirror for my room. I figured I'd take the one that was in my closet in San Francisco, since it doesn't get used by anyone anymore. I meant to bring it back after Thanksgiving, but I forgot... I did, however, open my closet to look at it, forgetting that I had plastered the rim of the mirror with cut-out pictures of cute boys from magazines.

It was perhaps the funniest thing I've ever seen. I'll have to post pictures when I get back for Christmas. My 14-year-old self had put up pictures of all the celebrity boys I loved. The list includes, among others:

Leonardo DiCaprio (DUH- love of my adolescent life)
David Duchovny (OTHER love of my adolescent life)
Ewan McGregor (who is still on my List of Famous People I'd Marry No Questions Asked)
Scott Wolfe (whatever happened to him?)
Noah Wyle (hahahahahahaha)
Matthew Fox
Ethan Embry, formerly Ethan Randall

and, this is the funniest one of all...

Ilya Kulik (yes, the ice skater. Yes, the one who is in Center Stage and yes, the one who is probably gay.)

Also scotch-taped all over the mirror and the closet door are words and pictures that I thought were cool and edgy. It's really quite priceless- I'm almost sad to dismantle it, as it means dismantling a piece of my past, but in the long run I think it's better that the mirror gets used. And of course I'll document it with pictures. Too bad I never documented my wall o' X-Files press clippings with pictures, or my door covered in sexy Leonardo DiCaprio pictures.

Edit 12/10/08: After consulting with Top Advisers Julia and Larkin, I have decided NOT to dismantle the mirror's decorations and instead to leave it up as a testament to my youth, for my future children to laugh at and enjoy. I'll have to go to IKEA and get a mirror or something.

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