Thursday, October 02, 2008


warning: this is a completely stream of consciouness, following-along-to-the-debate sort of post. were i a real political blogger, i would have done smart things like type the questions i was reacting to, or put in times, or at least given you something to go off of rather than purely passionate reactions, but i am not a real political blogger, so i'm sorry.

a) Sarah Palin: "I'm part of a team of mavericks..."

Isn't the definition of a maverick someone who operates alone? Isn't it? IT IS, according to "a lone dissenter, as an intellectual, an artist, or a politician, who takes an independent stand apart from his or her associates."

somehow, to me, this does not define either Sarah Palin or John McCain.

b) if she says "you betcha" again, I might kill her. with my mind bullets.

c) Gwen Ifill reminds me of The Chief from Where in the World is Carmen San Diego.

d) Joe Biden: "If you don't understand the causes, it's virtually impossible to come up with the solution." OH SNAP.

e) I absolutely cannot stand another 4 years of listening to someone who cannot correctly pronounce the word "nuclear."

f) I don't understand wy people are so frickin' afraid of gay marriage. why, if people are willing to give gay people the same rights and priviledges as married people, can they not stand to actually call it "marriage"? what is it about that word?


h) As Julia pointed out to me (thank goodness for gchat), Palin keeps using the word "oversight" wrong. Does she mean "overhaul?"

i) Tina Fey's impersonation of Sarah Palin is truly uncanny. No, not just uncanny. It's PERFECT. Just sayin'.

j) YES, Joe Biden. Please keep saying the word "nuclear"-- it proves that you can! Awesome.

k) she sounds like the mom from Bobby's World

l) the little red and green lines go way up when Biden talks and... not when Palin talks. awesome.

m) nice question Gwen Ifill-- way to ask Sarah Palin if she knows how to govern the country, without actually asking Sarah Palin if she knows how to govern the country.

n) hey, teachers! god bless you! your reward is in heaven! DID SHE SERIOUSLY JUST TELL JOE BIDEN HIS WIFE'S REWARD FOR TEACHING IS IN HEAVEN? how is he not smacking her?

o) my mom just sent me an email, mid-debate, saying "I am so happy you both have a good education!!! And can speak well. Love, Mom." amazing.

p) Alaska is an energy-producing state?!?! Gee, I had no idea. Thank you so much, Sarah Palin, for reminding me of that SEVENTEEN MILLION TIMES.

q) YES Joe Biden did a bang-up job with the "what is your weakness?" question! He turned the whole "I know how to take care of children and I know what it's like to be poor" sentiment that this crazy prom queen is spouting out. BAM.


s) Joe Biden looks a little bit like Guy Smiley from Sesame Street when he smiles. But better to look like a muppet than a... well, I won't say that. It's not nice.

t) how exactly is Sarah Palin's family diverse? Because her husband is like 1/billionth Native Alaskan? Because there are both boys and girls in her family? Wow!

u) "I like being able to answer these tough questions!" I bet you do! This is the first time you've ever done it! Good thing the McCain campaign made all those flashcards.


Well, she did a lot better than I wanted her to, but it wasn't great. Biden was clearly the one who knew what he was doing. I'm so glad Biden called Cheney out as "one of the most dangerous poeple in the history of the United States."

RRRRRRGG I AM SO ANNOYED THAT THEY ARE JUST FOCUSING ON HER HOLDING HER BABY and patting him on the back. What a low dig. That kid is going to be so messed up-- he already has a disability, are you really going to go to Washington and practically abandon the kid for at least four years- arguably the most important four years- of his life? Really, Sarah Palin? Where are those family values you keep talking about?

Ok I'm not going to write any more. Thus ends my thoughts on the vice presidential debates. If I were you I would go read the thoughts of someone who actually knows what they're talking about.


  1. ! Thanks for reminding me to turn on the debate. On a more important note - the shirt/tunic/whatever is too freaking cute! She should be able to wear it for a while, maybe I should go get some red leggings and squeeze the chunk of thigh into them!

  2. i'm so glad I saw this blog post. I'm watching this with my roommates and sharing some of it with them. We are kicking ourselves for not playing a drinking game tonight. Maverick, nucular, middle class... we'd be so wasted right now.