Saturday, October 04, 2008

fall, sort of

I love fall, maybe more than any other season. I always think I love summer, too, and I do love summer, but summer obliges me to wear clothing that I am not comfortable in, ie bathing suits and shorts and other things to keep cool. Oh wait, in LA I have to do that in the fall anyway! And that is just one more reason why LA sucks. LA sucks hard these days- it's frickin' October, can we get a little cooler weather? PLEASE?

Today, we actually did get cooler weather, and it is welcome for however long it wants to stick around. It is lovely and cloudy and cold out and if you leave your window open it makes being in bed so much snugglier than it usually is. Huzzah. I have no idea why I live in this wretched place where I can count days like this that I have experienced here on one hand. Give me San Francisco fog and 65 degree days any time. I think it is time to go home.

I have been trying to learn to cook, which always seems like a good idea in the fall. Joey and Arielle are having a potluck sorta dinner next week, which is great because it's been almost a year, I think, since we had the last one, and I miss my NU friends. We're supposed to bring foods from a specific country. Any good ideas? This is good because all my old fallbacks are American (apple pie, blueberry pie, pumpkin pie, scalloped potatoes, etc), so it will force me to branch out. Fall makes me want to eat soup all the time, but soup is kinda hard to bring to a dinner party. So... any ideas?

Oh god, and now I am watching the Cal/Arizona game on tv and looking at Tightwad Hill above Memorial Stadium in the Berkeley Hills and HOLY CRAP I MISS HOME SO MUCH. I love college football season, even if I don't really know that much about football. It makes me think of school and Thanksgiving and home and Ryan Field at Northwestern- in short, all my favorite things. I can't believe I will never go to school again. That is so incredibly weird. I don't ever want to stop going to school! I will have to find some cheap community college classes to take or something. Not learning is not ok... it makes my brain go to mush.

Ok well I should stop writing and being sad, if I can, because it's not really helping. I am knitting a new scarf- it was going to be for someone else, but then I kinda messed it up so now it's going to be for me. I'll just sit here and knit and watch football and try to forget how much life sucks.

Later, maybe I'll tell you about the movie I saw last night.

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