Wednesday, January 11, 2006

glory days


Wild elation does it no justice. I haven't been this happy since... well, since New Year's, but that was a different kind of happy.

This is the first time we've won in like 6 months (well, we sort of won once before, but it was on a really lame night when like no one was there), first time we've won with The Brain Trust (Larkin, Alex, Jig, and I), first time in FOREVER that we've gotten the California City Unscramble question (Orange Vale... dad you should be proud of me, I have your genes), first time WE WERE SO INCREDIBLY AWESOME. Towards the end we started calling people to double and triple check answers so we didn't lose our lead, because really, with the advent of cell phones cheating is rampant and practically encouraged. Not even the music round could bring us down. A whole $30 to split between the five of us (Alex and Jig's friend Julia was there too). Hopefully I'll have a photo up in a day or so of all of us.

The best part was that it was Jig's last trivia night before he goes back to Tulane and is gone until July. Won't quite be the same without him, but I'm sure he'll be only a phone call away for those football and military questions that no one else in the entire bar knows.

And so we pocket our $6 each and depart in the rain, full of hugs and New Castle and pretty damn cocky, if I do say so myself.

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