Tuesday, January 24, 2006

allergens and disgustigens

Corn, Cheese, and Corn and Cheese ice cream

The above photo is the quintessence of gross. Danielle and I are in the Lake Merritt Albertson's, obtaining the ingredients for nachos, because sometimes nachos are required when your life has little if any purpose. Dano decides that coconut ice cream is also a necessity. I disagree, and anyway, coconut ice cream is not to be found. We do find, however, this tub of helado maiz y queso, or for the non Spanish-speaking crowd, corn and cheese ice cream.

CORN AND CHEESE ICE CREAM. We immediately decide to buy it.

Now, corn and cheese ice cream is not your typical ice cream flavor. I have seen many an interesting ice cream in my time, such as ham (speaking of Spain...), clove, and *GAG* pickle. But I think corn and cheese really takes the proverbial cake here. Corn is a passable fruit/vegetable-type-thing, but cheese? Good god. A dairy-based product should never be flavored like another dairy-based product. You might argue this point by saying that Butter Pecan is a grand ice cream flavor, but you must remember that you're arguing to a girl who has never had real ice cream in her life, let alone Butter Pecan. Allergies, people, allergies. But that is besides the point.

We go back to Dano's apartment and fall asleep watching 13 Going On 30, which is like a bad version of Big with a slightly funny dance scene in the middle, despite what Joey has to say about it. We forget about the ice cream. In the morning, I am about to leave when we remember it, and it becomes our breakfast. Yes, I ate the ice cream. A whole spoonful. Yes, it made me feel gross, because I was allergic and because it was disgusting. It had literal chunks of corn in it and was strangely sweet with an odd cheesy aftertaste. Horrors.

I invite each and every one of you to tell me the grossest ice cream (or hell! the grossest THING!) you have ever tasted, and I'm willing to bet that corn and cheese ice cream will beat all of them out as the most ill-conceived product ever.

But anyway.

Dano and I might be going to Chicago for Spring Break. Well, my Spring Break and her sort-of Spring Break. Who knows. We shall see.

Yesterday Nathan (Nathan Matsuda! in San Francisco!) and Taylor and I tried to go see The New World, but it was not to be, and Nathan and I just ended up going to Mel's and talking about geeky film things for a long time. I'm so glad he's here, because even if I don't see him much, he's someone from my other life, the one I miss more than anything... and even if it's just every now and then, I'm happy to have a porthole onto that existence. Not to sound too sappy or anything. We might drive down to LA for President's Day weekend, because he wants to see Fuchs who is there for the quarter and I want to see everyone I didn't see enough of at New Year's. So perhaps that will be happy.

Corn and cheese ice cream, though... seriously.


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