Monday, April 25, 2011

Girl things that continue to elude me

I have never been a particularly girly girl. I went through my pink and purple stage in preschool just like every other girl on the planet, and there are girly things I enjoy, but for the most part, "girl stuff" kind of baffles me. A good example is tiny pockets in stupid places. I had a shirt once that had a tiny pocket on the sleeve, as though it was made for keeping quarters in case you needed to make a phone call in 1996. Why was it there? It drove me nuts. Ever since that shirt I've had a strict rule: thou shalt buy no clothing that has inexplicable parts attached. It's worked out pretty well.

My current issue is nail polish. I have never ever in my entire life been able to keep nail polish on, in pristine condition, for more than two days. I kind of like nail polish- I like fun colors like orange and green. But how on Earth do most people get it to stay on? On Saturday morning I did my nails at Katie's house, with a clear top coat and everything. They were nice and minty green for all of six hours, and then my right index finger started to chip. It's always my right index finger, probably because that's the finger I use the most. Now, on Monday night, I have six complete nails, two partial nails and two completely naked nails. Do normal people just keep reapplying? What a waste of time!

Other girl things I don't understand include strapless bras, bangs, and anything that involves clubbing.

Advice on how to be a normal girl is, as always, appreciated.

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