Wednesday, April 28, 2010

it's that time again

Spring/summer/early fall: that time when life gets incredibly busy for no one reason, always followed by fall, which for the past two years has been a melancholic dead zone of joblessness and depression. But for reference, here is my (tentative) schedule for the next few months:

Now-May 27th: work at AFI. attempt to not stab out eyes/ears with readily available screwdrivers from workbench.
May 1st (this Saturday! gah! must find something to wear!): Jennifer and Josh's wedding
May 28th: drive home
May 30th: Jarrod and Amelia's wedding
May 31st-?: home... depends on jobs
June 22nd: fly to Chicago
June 2rd-July 31st: teach film cherubs at Northwestern! yay!
August 1st: fly back to San Francisco, drive to Camp
August 1st-7th: Camp! vacation! yay!
August 7th: drive to Morro Bay for Deirdre's wedding, get there by 5pm ceremony
August 8th: Mom's birthday, drive home
August 9th-20th: at Pac Prim with Rainbow Dolphins
August 21st-September 3rd: ??
September 4th: Kate and Stuart's wedding in Indianapolis. have not figured out how/when to go. stupid Labor Day ticket prices.

and then... into the ghastly blank, my friends.

Death Valley post soon! FOR REALS.


  1. You know FOUR people getting married before September? WTH???

  2. and one in October! kill me now.

  3. where is the death valley post??