Sunday, January 10, 2010

pros and cons

Pros of Moving Back to San Francisco:
1. Being near family.
2. Being near friends, the kind who are not just half friends and who actually sometimes want to do things with you.
3. Hopefully not being sad all the time as in LA.
4. Ability to work at Pacific Primary and actually make money.
5. Potential of maybe finding a teaching job.
6. Not as much competition in film-related fields as in LA.
7. Ability to actually walk places, sometimes even to work!
8. The plethora of good book stores.
9. The weather.
10. The close proximity to real nature, not fake nature like in LA.
11. Having some sort of support system for when I feel as incredibly awful as I constantly do down here.
12. Ability to possibly not pay rent and save money for a couple months while I figure things out.
13. My kitties.
14. Kaiser in San Francisco sucks a good deal less than Kaiser in LA, as evidenced by the various times I've gotten sick while at home in the last year.
15. Actually living in the city that I want to live in forever, thereby abolishing the possibility of meeting/dating someone in LA and being stuck here forever.
16. Being there when my family needs me, for whatever reason.

Cons of Moving To San Francisco:
1. All AFI-related people and much of my family will assume I've either just given up on film or am too lame to ever get hired and make it work, and many of them will be disappointed in me.
2. Parents, while happy that I would be home, are probably not thrilled with the idea of me moving back in.
3. I'm not too thrilled with that idea either.
4. Having to find a storage unit and move all my crap.
5. Leaving the three or four good friends I have here.
6. People will stop hiring me for AC/gaffing jobs if I leave, no matter how much I tell them that I can come down to LA.
7. No 24-hour grocery stores for uncrowded shopping trips.
8. Radio stations in the Bay Area have really gone downhill.
9. Leaving my gym- I really like my gym, despite the fact that it's sometimes crowded with soccer moms and every now and then the star of my thesis film comes in and I have to hide from him.

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  1. Pro: SF is on our serious list of contender cities for where we might want to move.

    I really hope you come to a decision that YOU feel good about, and that brings you peace of mind. That's worth more than anything else anyone might think of you, and will push you to work hard towards your goals more than anything else will.