Wednesday, October 21, 2009

from Steve

An email from Steve:

"Kirk had a dream Sunday night that I HAVE to tell you about. For some reason, you and he and I and this (imaginary) friend of yours were all staying at some hotel somewhere together, and for some reason, we all had to sleep in the same bed (!!!) Your friend was this hot Latino guy, and when the rest of us got into our PJ's, he took off ALL his clothes and started gallavanting around the hotel room messing with the shades and the lights and stuff. You me and Kirk were all completely agog, and then McHottie hopped in bed next to you and you couldn't sleep with him all naked and everything, and you just kept giggling. And that was the end of the dream."

Kirk has better dreams than I do.

Tomorrow, wedding post #1.

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  1. I wish I had dreams with hot Latino guys. Tell Kirk to stop stealing all the dreamy dudes.