Sunday, May 03, 2009

one thing Facebook is very good at making me feel simultaneously happy and embarrassed about the people I used to have crushes on. Happy because whoa, most of them are REALLY not cute now, holy crap, I'm glad they never liked me back! And embarassed because whoa, most of them are REALLY not cute now, holy crap, what did I ever see in them?

Most of them are from middle school- the guys who asked you to dance and got your hopes up and then started dating that annoying girl the next week. Thank you, Facebook, for pointing out that these boys apparently peaked, aesthetically speaking, in 7th grade! But then of course there are the few who are REALLY successful and still cute, sometimes even cuter, than they used to be. Those are from high school, for the most part. Dammit. But still, I am glad to have Facebook to gather together all the random people I have ever known and make me feel like being such a nerd as an adolescent saved me from, say, my first boyfriend being someone who ended up in drug rehab, or stopped growing in 8th grade.*

*Nothing against short guys, of course, but that kid was supposed to be like 6'4! What is he doing being 5'8?

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  1. He he he. Yeah, yesterday I scanned through the people listed under my high school on Facebook and hated on a lot of the used-to-be popular girls for still being skinny and probably still popular. But mostly I just felt really good about myself because I was REALLY unpopular and even more homely than I am today in high school. And I have a beautiful baby now too. What have they got? Money and perky boobs? OVERRATED.