Tuesday, March 03, 2009

this is just to say

A giant post about my Chicago trip is coming tomorrow, I swear, as long as I'm not too tired to write it after driving home to San Francisco. Tomorrow or Wednesday, for sure.

But for now- can I just say how incredibly proud I am of all my friends? I must have the greatest, most ambitious, smartest friends in the world. Seriously.

Larkin just got into a doctoral program at Columbia University. Sure, this means she is moving to New York in the fall and I will lose another of my best friends to that overly-hyped city, but- holy crap. Go Larkinsas.

Jack got offered some crazy amazing job in Washington DC working for a company that starts with a G and of course I can't remember the name of, but it's exactly what he wants to be doing. And yes, this means he and Kat will be moving there, and I'll probably never see them again, but again- holy crap.

Arielle has gotten into multiple law schools. She got into UCLA, which I think is where she wants to go, so that's all that matters, but I know there were others too. I hope she stays in LA...

Jennifer Welch is about to graduate from nursing school and get some awesome job delivering babies.

And these are on top of all the other friends I have who are busy doing amazing things, making amazing movies, saving the world, etc. Not to sound too sappy, but- it's really an honor to be surrounded (however distantly) by these people.

That's all.


  1. I'm so excited to make your list! I can't WAIT to graduate and be a nurse. I have a job interview for Pediatric ER next Monday, wish me luck!

  2. Wow, I'm on this list? Flattering, though I think you should put up a separate post including all the impressive film people you seem to have left off. You do have quite the collection of impressive friends.

    The company I'm going to be working for is NASA, in Greenbelt, which apparently has an annual film festival in a cool art deco theatre... so I'm hoping some of my awesome film friends will visit.

    Also, I'm ever so slightly disappointed that this didn't turn out to be a William Carlos Williams-related post.