Sunday, October 26, 2008

8 days

a) Obama is at 96.7 win percentage on YAY.

b) Today Robin and Annie and I were driving around shooting part of a Tammy Lake webisode and we saw an apparently homeless woman selling "art" on the side of the road. The art looked like an eight year old could have drawn it with magic markers, and the woman was wearing a red, white, and blue dress with a hand-made "McCain Palin" sign on her chest. I didn't know whether I should feel sad for her, because she is obviously not all right in the head, or be mad for some reason. I went with sad.

c) There are 8 days left until the election and I do not yet have an Obama tshirt. This must change. Maybe I will go the LA Obama campaign office and see if they have anything.

d) I have still not been able to find a donkey-shaped cookie cutter.

coming soon: lots of things about vampires!

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