Thursday, June 19, 2008

graduation's lost its fun

So, I guess I graduated last week. Not really, but sort of. I don't technically graduate until probably December, depending on when Dockweiler (my thesis) is done. I hope it's December-- if I don't graduate until December, I don't have to start paying back my insane student loans until next June. A whole year! But oh how that year will fly.

Graduation was fun, I guess, but sort of weird. It's like the school made a huge deal out of it, but it didn't really feel like a huge deal. Mom and Dad came but Taylor couldn't, which made me sad. He's coming in August for the family reunion at Manzanita Beach in Oregon, which is why he couldn't come out now, but still... I wanted him to be there.

Graduations are strange because you want to hang out with your friends and meet everyone's parents, but everyone else is trying to do the same things and also entertain their families and so the whole thing is kind of rushed and clumsy and you have lots of people to find and take pictures with but also don't want to disturb anyone's celebrations. Awkward. But of course I managed to take a million pictures anyway- it's what I do.

(AFI cinematographers, minus Edd, Chris Frelich, Mark and Ian, with Stephen Lighthill, Mark Woods and Fred Goodich)

(Triangle of Terror! me and Letia and Bre)

(me and Nausheen in our ugly outfits)

(Richard and me)

(Mom and Dad and me)

(me and Nick, at Hollywood Billiards on grad night)

(girl DPs rock-- me, Nanna, Ceci and Nausheen)

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