Saturday, August 25, 2007

back to the south

It's completely bizarre to be back in LA. I don't really know why, since I haven't been gone that long and I knew I would be coming back... maybe it's because it was all so sudden. I waited untiil the last possible moment ot come back down here, so as to be home as long as I could, and so I got here and all of a sudden I was picking up Kevin and going to the Bigfoot in Glendale as though we'd just gotten out of Mark and Bob's class on Thursday night. And then the next morning was registration, where I saw nearly everyone, and there was Jamba Juice with Chris and Chris and David and then the 101 Cafe, site of so many lunchtime cycle meetings, with Letia, Richard, Veronica, Naomi, Todd, and Jennifer. It was as though no time had passed whatsoever, like we'd just gone on Spring Break or something. I guess summer vacation isn't really as long as it always seemed in high school, but my perception of it is definitiely still as a looooong period of time. Odd.

It's really strange to think that it's only been a year- in fact, exactly a year ago last Thursday- since I got into AFI and drove down here and started this whole crazy thing. It feels like it's been a LOT longer. I saw Seth last night, who was the producer of my Cycle 1, and we had an interesting conversation about our first impressions of people a year ago and how much they've changed. I guess most of the changes are good... and I'm determined to make this year a bit more successful than last year. Not that last year wasn't successful, but... well, let's say I want this year to be more satisfying. That's a good word.

A big part of it being more satisfying is the fact that Kevin and Jack are here. Even though Kevin will be ridiculously busy with cycle projects, and Jack will only be here until March or something, it will make me a whole lot happier. And Kyle Smith is going to AFI too, for directing! He got in last week off the waiting list, just like I did. We were never really friends, but he's a good guy, and it's always good to have more Northwestern blood around here =)

So anyway, things are good but weird, and tomorrow Li-Wei and I are having some people over for dinner to celebrate Jack, Kevin and Nazan becoming Los Angeles transplants. Between that and the party we had last night for Breann and Richard's birthdays, it's turning into a good weekend.


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